The Need

Currently, over 70 million adult Americans (nearly one-third), have an arrest record or criminal conviction record; and this number is expected to grow to 100 million by 2030.

The Problem

The current criminal background screening and credit reporting servicers are the "gatekeepers" to the reentry opportunities and the financial security of consumers with records.

The Solution

R3 Score is a financial analysis tool created to "derisk," and demonstrate the strengths and capabilities of people with criminal records, thus improving their economic health.

More than a "record" video

Open Doors and Unlock Opportunities With New Confidence

R3 Score is a financial analysis tool unlike anything that's existed before. We use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and human empathy together to write a new equation for showcasing your productivity, competency and risk level. This formula provides an accurate assessment of your actual readiness and reputation without the bias that is inherent in traditional "scores" used by lenders and employers.

R3 Score can help you to be seen in a new light by the following:Landlords | Employers | Bankers & Lenders | Business Investors | Colleges & Universities

The existing criminal-background system only measures you by your worst day. The R3 Score formula shows your true reputation based on a number of relevant factors. It's a way to build a bridge toward the future using sound data and algorithms.

The past doesn't need to lock you out of employment, financing and housing opportunities. Show your real-time value to society and build bridges to your future using an innovative data pipeline. R3 puts you in the position to use data to control your destiny.

Unlocking Community Potential

We envision an America where everyone can gain access to the financial products and services they need to fully participate in the US economy.


What Do Decision Makers Have to Gain?


Mortgage companies, auto finance lenders and landlords can only work with what's in front of them when making decisions. Unfortunately, criminal records paint a very one-sided, frozen-in-time picture whenever candidates are being reviewed. R3 Score goes further to create a true picture based on data trends. This gives decision-makers the ability to use data to get a current risk assessment of an individual that takes into account the human side.

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Get a More Accurate Assessment of Risk


The R3 Score is a web and mobile responsive platform that makes it easier for banking professionals to assess the riskiness and financial capacity of customers with criminal records. We take the contents of a standard criminal background screening and go further to provide greater detail about current life choices and future capacity based on data trends.

Laurin Leonard Quote

"It was the unexpected incarceration of my mother that motivated me to craft a social entrepreneurial career as a millennial woman of color."

- Laurin Leonard


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Focus on a Larger Market


Our sophisticated technology examines data across several key categories, providing nuance to a background check. This allows financial companies to use fewer story credits and reduce decision making costs while remaining focused on customer acquisition of this large and under-penetrated market.


"My passion is improving the economic health of individuals living with criminal backgrounds using software as a solution."

- Aliya Rahman

Lead Software Developer

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Step #1

Quick Setup

Start today by opening an account and begin accessing data and pipeline! Trust and loyalty for both service providers and customers, with easy-to-read and easy-to-adapt metrics.

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Step #2

Trusted Insights

A reliable risk analysis tool that blends static and trending behavior data together to deliver a score and nuanced report. This new approach allows people living with a criminal history to be seen for who they are today.

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Step #3

Increased Opportunities

R3 Score gives decision-makers greater confidence through more information, which will eventually develop into enhanced predictability. By using R3 Score, decision-makers can better assess opportunity seekers with criminal histories, and expand their customer base and attract new talent.

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R3 Score can help your team make more informed decisions about applicants in a faster and more socially responsible way.

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