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Increased Earning

In 2016, CNN Money reported that with 5.6M open jobs the business community was not as prosperous as it could be due to a lack of workers. When businesses grow employees benefit, and America thrives. Closing the labor gap empowers us all.


Closing the labor gap means providing a platform that is web-based and mobile responsive so that employers can find their next employee and job seekers with an arrest and/or conviction record can more quickly find their next opportunity.

Better Design

Our lived experiences directly impact the product. We know how important it is for job seekers to feel “at home” on our site while employers have the confidence to know that coming to R3 means “just getting it right.”

Removing the gut level decision-making process

The R3 Score is a web and mobile responsive employment matchmaker specifically for people with an arrest and/or conviction record. We have developed a robust intake process, which color codes applicants and employers matching the risk tolerance of employers and readiness of job seekers. No more relying on instincts when you have a algorithm you can trust to be fair and just.

Here are some common questions about R3 Score


Why is this even need?


One-in-four Americans has an arrest and/or conviction record and about 65% of them face some form of workplace discrimination. This fact contributes to severe rates of unemployment and underemployment nationwide. When able-bodied people are locked out of providing for themselves, the need for social safety net programs increases and we all pay the price. In contrast, several U.S. industries are facing a worker crisis. So, while millions are locked out of opportunities we are seeing hiring managers struggle to find qualified, skilled laborers. Many of these jobs require some skills, but not a 4-year degree.  This creates a unique opportunity to do immediate matching for lower skilled jobs while establishing laddered opportunities.  The lack of a workforce leaves billions of dollars out of the U.S. economy because companies just can’t compete for new business without the women and men available to work.


How does the R3 Score work?


Job seekers are coached through our proprietary intake process, which results in an color-coded online resume before being introduced into the “marketplace” where they engage with likely to hire employers.   


Prior to entering the marketplace, employers are routed to our education portal where they will receive insight into navigating corporate compliance and relevant tax credits.  With the education portal introduction complete each employer establishes a corporate profile so that they can post the jobs they urgently want to fill. Each opportunity shares the same color code system ensuring that prescreened applicants fit an employer’s risk and skills readiness requirements, which saves time in the placement process.

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