About Us

Our team has over three decades of business and tech development experience.

Our President and CEO, Teresa Hodge, is a national criminal justice advocate and co-founder of Mission: Launch. While assessing a program applicant for a unique and costly entrepreneurship opportunity she realized the difficulty she was having in determining if this young woman was able to fully take advantage of the $10,000+ opportunity. It was in that moment that she personally was faced with the harsh truth that making decisions about who is risky and who is ready was still difficult – even for her!

This continued to weigh on Teresa and in her spare time, nights and weekends, she began researching solutions. Realizing that there were limited options she engaged a Software Engineer to help her bring her first startup idea to life. The R3 Score is currently in the pre-seed fundraising round.  

The Team

  • Teresa Y. Hodge

    President & CEO

  • Laurin Leonard


  • Aliya Rahman

    Lead Software Developer

  • Shelby Carl

    Business & Operations Manager

  • Susan Mason

    Director of Sales & Marketing

  • Dr. Pamela Y. Keye

    Sr. Learning Specialist