Our Story

A Directly Impacted Family & Minority Woman Owned Business

Our Market Position Today


R3 Score provides compliant consumer background check reports alongside our unique individualized assessments and risk indexes. Our methodology builds on legacy risk models while bringing a fresh perspective into the market. We help businesses and governments move from risk mitigation to risk management so that they can access untapped and overlooked talent and consumers.

Our Founding Story


We are proud of where we are today but the root of R3 Score’s corporate story begins when Teresa Hodge and her daughter, Laurin Leonard, experienced first-hand the impact of mass incarceration. It was this experience that led them to create their first startup, Mission: Launch, Inc., in 2012. The not-for-profit, celebrating ten-years of community work, held what is widely considered the country’s first prison reentry exclusively focused hackathon. It was this community orientated out-of-the-box thinking that led them to the creation of R3 Score.

We built R3 Score to help businesses and governments see people for their full potential, while managing risk.

Our Double Bottom Line Approach


A Baltimore, Maryland community lender approached us requesting assistance in identifying and assessing community members living with records for small business loans. Realizing the power of this opportunity, they researched market based tools and were shocked to discover the best tool on the market was still a standard background check. Together they set out to create a powerful model – one approach, two companies – through catalytic social impact funding from New Profit Venture Philanthropy and Echoing Green. As a result, R3 Score was born.

In 2018, the Company became a VC backed social impact startup. We are a proud portfolio company with: 1863, Conscious Venture Lab, Techstars, Motley Fool, Kapor Capital, Washington Area Community Investment Fund and AutoDesk Foundation.

Reassess Risk. Unlock Human Potential.

Our business and government customers reach their goals and drive impact.