Meet R3 Score

Compliance Driven Individualized Candidate Assessments

Unique Data Collection

Through our strategic vendor relationships we provide a Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant criminal background check, which we layer with our individualized candidate assessment providing more dynamic data to our customers.

Standardized Risk Indexes

For our customers, we assist them in right sizing their risk tolerance so that it aligns with the opportunity they seek to provide. In this manner businesses and governments can ensure they are not over assessing risk and overlooking talent and consumers.

Today, 77M people are living with an arrest and/or conviction record and current products constrict growth and opportunity creation.

1.0 The Request Process

A unique R3 Score report is requested by businesses and governments when they have identified a candidate they would like to assess for an opportunity. At present our customers use us in hiring, small business lending, tenant engagement and as a constituent reentry planning tool.

2.0 The Candidate Experience

As a company built by directly impacted, our Candidate experience provides people living with records an opportunity to speak about their journey from a strengths-based perspective. We provide our product even for Candidates with records, which is reflected on the index.

3.0 The Risk/Inclusion Review

Our value proposition to your team is that we assist you in standardizing and operationalizing your individualized assessments so that you can manage your risks while also growing towards your goals and being inclusive. The win-win is backed into our double bottom line model.

Better Competitive Advantage

At present nearly 1/3 of all Candidates you assess or serve have an arrest and/or conviction record. It is simply impossible to grow and reach goals without having every available tool to identify overlooked and untapped Candidates. This is important now but also in the future as the trend line shows half of all Candidates are expected to have a record by the year 2030.

Greater DEI and Inclusion Impact

Our unique process and product enables you to screen more Candidates in and what we know is that one opportunity has the power to change the course of one’s life – and their community. With billions of dollars committed and public pledges in more recent years we help you achieve growth and impact.

Remove Barriers and Create Growth

People are dynamic and so is our product. Standardized growth and inclusion with us.